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The British Veg round up


Welcome to the British Veg blog page

Each week after our Tuesday 8-9 Twitter chat we will post a round up of all the conversations and maybe expand on some of the topics covered in the hour.

The write up will be done by a rotation of kindly people as well as Stephen and myself who will co host the evenings fun and games!

It is intended to be a forum for sharing and support in an industry that is hard and often isolating. A chance for all growers, nursery owners and any other interested party to exchange ideas, tips, experience and every now and then have a jolly good ‘growers whinge’ about the weather and myriad critters that also like to eat our produce. Please feel free to join in and comment, both on Twitter  #BritishVeg and here on the blog. The more input you all have the more valuable the shared learning will be for all.

We are lucky to be doing this at a time of a growing interest in domestic (both in terms of households and the country as a whole) vegetable production and we all have a role to play, whatever size we may be, from the huge fields of Lincolnshire to the allotment holder. Historically farmers and growers have not always been quick to share knowledge but many things are changing in this media rich, ‘connected’ world.  we are, after all wanting the same things and lets face it, considering how much we import there’s more than enough market to go round!

Thank you all of you who joined in tonight on our first foray.  I’m looking forwards to this growing into a really useful weekly event and a document full of incisive and innovative ‘stories’ that we can all learn from.

See you all next time


3 thoughts on “The British Veg round up

  1. #BritishVeg was great last night – really enjoyed it. I’ve never used #tags for that before; I usually just bung them in my tweets without thinking.

    It was great to use it to get everyone in one “place” at one time. Lots of like-minds, lots of good advice. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Thank you Jamie! we enjoyed doing it! Sarah is going to post the round up in the next couple of days so we can all refer back if need be.

      • Excellent 🙂 I’ve mentioned last night’s #BritishVeg on my blog – thought it was worth pushing it a little.

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